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03. The Ultimate Dice Roll Application

In this tutorial, we’ll elevate the classic Dice Roll JavaScript application by infusing it with captivating graphics, fluid animations, realistic sounds, and automations. Our goal is to craft the Ultimate Dice Roll project anyone has ever witnessed!

I’ve designed all the graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator, and recorded the authentic dice sound in my home studio. All of these assets are available for a free download, perfect for enhancing your personal website.

Moreover, you’ll have access to an array of color variations. We’ll also delve into color theory, equipping you with knowledge you can apply to all your future endeavours.

Throughout this tutorial, we’ll harness the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop the Ultimate Dice Roll application. By simply pressing a button, users can activate a dice roll frame-by-frame animation paired with sound. The application will then display a random dice outcome while also keeping track of each roll result on a text screen.

This lesson is meant for JavaScript beginners, it offers you a golden opportunity to bolster your skills and acquaint yourself with new techniques. Familiarity with basic HTML and CSS is necessary, but fret not: we’ll break down everything we implement, covering topics like CSS Grid, frame-by-frame JavaScript animation, Query Selectors, Dynamic Paths, New Audio Playback features, and more. Dive in and enhance your web development journey!

When you are ready, download the assets by pressing the button down below.


  • Basic html knowledge.
  • Basic css knowledge.
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge.
  • Basic VS Code (or any code editor) knowledge.

*Feel free to use the comments below, to ask any question or post your creations for every one to see! Just keep in mind, if you post something, it will not show publicly imediately.
All comments are held for aproval, before they go live on this platform. So it might take a day or two to show. Thank you for your patience.

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