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02. Step by step guide – Upload your website to the server | SiteGround

In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to upload your website to a server, making it accessible to everyone online.

  • Discuss the reasons why you need a paid server.
  • How to book your domain name.
  • How to set your Name Servers.
  • Why you need Google Analytics.
  • What is a Favicon.
  • How to update your files in the server, step by step.

While I’ll be demonstrating the process using SiteGround, this isn’t a sponsored video. I’ve chosen to use SiteGround after experimenting with four different providers. Nevertheless, the steps I’ll cover are largely universal, so even if you’re using a different hosting service, you’ll find this guide useful.

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As always, I prepared some free downloadable graphics for you to use. If you need them klick the button down below.

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  • Have a website ready for upload.

On the next lesson we will learn some special tricks using JavaScript, and we will build the Ultimate Dice Game with special graphics that will make your project stand out from the crowd!

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