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Welcome to Coding with Thanos!

Are you excited about web development and design?
Want to build a spotless portfolio to stand out from the crowd?

Here’s the twist – I offer you custom graphics and assets created in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop for free download!
You can use these graphics to enhance your projects and make your portfolio shine.
Yes, you read it right! Top-level aesthetics at no cost.

My name might be Thanos,
but unlike the Titan you know from Marvel, my superpower lies in the world of design and photography. With a vibrant journey spanning 15 years as a freelance graphics designer, I’ve honed my skills crafting logos and web designs that breathe life into brands. When I’m not wielding the mighty pen tool in Photoshop, I’m capturing the essence of individuals through my camera lens, boasting a decade’s experience in portrait photography.

Every day, my creative arena lights up with tools like Photoshop (my go-to for graphics and meticulous portrait retouching), Illustrator (where I craft compelling graphics and assets), and Lightroom. I am also no stranger to the world of video editing, with Premiere Pro being my weapon of choice. And for those who think design is just about images and videos, my expertise in frontend development with Vs Code might surprise you.

I’m excited to share this journey, passion, and knowledge with all of you. Let’s embark on this creative adventure together and craft visions that stand the test of time!

Web development

can sometimes seem like an endless maze. That’s why I am here – to help you navigate through the information overload. With simple Code & Design, tips & tricks, I aim to make you excited about your projects and proud of your achievements. Plus, I’ll also discuss design and color theory in my tutorials, enabling you to bring your personal projects to life.
All my tutorials
are carefully curated to make them engaging and enjoyable. Together, we will create exciting projects from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and beyond. Not only this, I’ll guide you in optimizing your projects to be responsive and mobile-ready, allowing them to display flawlessly across all screen sizes. The knowledge gained here will become an invaluable asset for all your future endeavours.

Let’s embark on this remarkable journey where we learn, create, and transform our coding dreams into reality.
Together we’ll make learning fun and projects phenomenal!

Graphic Design
I studied Web Design & Computer Graphics (d.t.p.) at Akto Art & Design, Athens Greece.
Web Design / Development
I have 15 years experience as a freelance Web Designer / Developer using html, css, JavaScript, React and WordPress.
I’m working as a freelance portrait photographer in London.
I have 10 years experience with my full frame DSLR and retouching in Photoshop.
Video Editing
I’ve been editing videos on Premier Pro for 5 years.
I have a passion for music. I play piano, violin, guitar and on my free time I record my compositions on Cubase and upload them on Spotify.
I love to exercise at home in the morning and go for a run out in the nature.
Of course I’ve spent most of my life in Greece and U.K., but I love seeing new places and cultures. Until now I’ve been at U.S.A., Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania & Moldova.
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