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01. Build your html & css responsive Portfolio page

On this lesson we are going to build a responsive portfolio page that will shelter all your projects and creations.

This lesson is meant for : Students & Beginners, Junior Web Developers or Web Designers. We will use simple html and css code. At this moment we will not use any JavaScript, however we will update the website on a future video with automations such as turning the main navigation menu into a  hamburger for mobiles through JavaScript.

I created all the graphics you are going to need, on Adobe Illustrator. So your portfolio will have top level minimalistic design and aesthetics.

Having a portfolio early on, will help you get excited with every project you build from now on. You will be able to update it at your own website, and make it super easy to show every latest project you build, to your community and friends, simply by the share of one link!

When you are ready, download the assets by pressing the button down below.


  • Basic html knowledge.
  • Basic css knowledge.
  • Basic VS Code (or any code editor) knowledge.

On the next lesson we will see how to get a Domain Name, a Hosting Server, and how to upload our website online, so we can show our creations to everyone, simply by sending one link!

*Feel free to use the comments below, to ask any question or post your creations for every one to see! Just keep in mind, if you post something, it will not show publicly imediately.
All comments are held for aproval, before they go live on this platform. So it might take a day or two to show. Thank you for your patience.

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Comments (4)

Thank you for your tutorial it is very useful!

You’re welcome, Jack! I’m glad you found the tutorial useful. If you have any questions or need further clarification on any topic, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy learning!

Great step by step guide!

Thank you, Louis! I’m pleased to hear that you found the guide helpful. If there’s anything else you’d like to learn or need clarification on, just let me know. Always here to help!

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