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Hello, i’m thanos!
… web development nowadays, is a huge information overload! I want to help you get excited and be proud of your projects through simple code & design, tips & tricks!

Since the early beginning of my Developer’s journey, every time I followed a tutorial, or a course, I challenged my self to push everything one step forward.
Add some extra functionality though JavaScript, or enhance the design, creating custom graphics or by altering the styles though CSS.

Having 15 years of experience as a Designer and having this familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suit helped a lot, I wont lie!

Doing this, made me much more eager to share my early projects with friends and family. Their positive feedback fuelled my confidence to continue learning, no matter how challenging the coding got.

Now, I want to share this experience with every aspiring web developer out there!

I want to show you simple tricks that can enhance every tutorial you watch, help you retain what you’ve learned, and elevate your presentations to a new level through design & code!

Adopting this mindset, will make your portfolio spotless, and provide you with a potent tool in your arsenal to stand out in the competition!

Download my
custom graphics
to use on
your projects!

With a background in design, I personally create all the graphics we’ll be using in Adobe Illustator & Photoshop.

And provide them for you to download for personal use on your website & projects.

This ensures your projects will have top level aesthetics, raising your portfolio to an entirely new level.

We’ll be often talking about design and color theory through the tutorials, so you can apply what you learn, on your personal projects and work, using code & css.

… Expertise isn’t born of natural talent, but crafted through countless hours of dedicated practice.
your projects now!
try the free TUTORIALS on youtube
have fun while learning!

All the tutorials are carefully created in order  to keep you hooked and excited, while you refresh your fundamentals and learn the techniques shown to the videos.

Together we’re going to build interesting projects from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and more.

We’ll debug and optimize your projects to ensure a flawless display across all devices, from smartphones to large screens and everything in between.
By the end of this course, you’ll acquire the skills to apply this knowledge effectively in all your future projects.
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